Workshop: Data Mining & Business Intelligence – Dr. Ioannis Kopanakis

The explosive growth and collecting digital information from the smallest up to the largest enterprise helped to characterize our age as the century of information (“Information Age”).

But today, we have supersaturated by data concentration (“The Age of the Data Glut”) and we let information unused.

It is widely accepted that unused data even the smallest business hide a treasure waiting to be utilized giving multiple benefits to the enterprise.

Therefore, we have to move towards the use of data and information available to elicit exploitable knowledge and find ourselves ahead of the competition.

Scopes of workshop: 

  • Understanding the organization of information aiming at knowledge mining
  • Study techniques from data mining (knowledge discovery in data – KDD)
  • Presentation of (Free) tool data mining (WEKA)
  • Applications and scenarios using data mining results

The workshop will analyze topics such as (without limitation):

  • Introduction to Data Mining – What is data mining – Why data mining
  • From the data in information and knowledge
  • Possible applications
  • Knowledge investigation process
  • Data Mining Methodologies & Patterns that can be extracted
  • Basic data mining techniques (classification, clustering, association rules mining).
  • Tool WEKA (Waikato Environment for Knowledge Analysis)
  • Case Studies