Workshop: Optimization for Search Engines (SEO) – Mr. Manos Perakakis

Learn the secrets of optimization your website and conquer the top positions in Google!

Scope of Workshop

To understand the function of Google and other search engines and how they rank websites in its results. By learning principles and techniques that will be analyzed with examples, you will be able to influence significantly your position in search engines. Most of these methods require technical training and even those require can be applied by manufacturers of your website at your own instigation.

Topics covered:

  • Classification function of search engines Μηχανών Αναζήτησης (Indexing, Ranking, PageRank, SERPS κτλ)
  • Organic/PPC results (Organic and Paid results)
  • Keyword Research (Research for appropriate keywords)
  • On-Site SEO (Optimizing inside website)
  • Off-Site SEO (Optimizing outside website)
  • Website/Google Analytics (Traffic Analysis / Statistics)

The clear purpose is at the end of the workshop to be able to make certain changes at your webpages in order to greatly increase your traffic, both in volume and in quality.