Date Title Supervisor Student pdf
26/01/2017 Internationalization of business and marketing strategies. Dr. Ioannis Kopanakis Evangelos Paliaroutis  Link
19/05/2016 Design and development of qualified special purpose CRM system. Dr. Stelios Papadakis John Makridis  Link
01/3/2016 Viral Marketing and its development within Marketing via mobile devices (Mobile Marketing) Mr. Manos Perakakis Anna Bezani, Elisabet Kalarouti, Labrini Liatsi  Link
01/3/2016 Instagram marketing – Methodology, practices & the present situation in Greece Dr. Ioannis Kopanakis Kourassis Konstantinos  Link
20/6/2015 The development, use and business strategy planning of the Social Media Monitoring technique. Dr. Ioannis Kopanakis Gerakaris Georgios  Link
20/6/2013 HTML 5 and the possibilities that provides to web commercial/promotion. New commercial applications for portable internet devices. Mr. Ioannis Kapantaidakis Gavrilakis Xristos  Link
20/6/2013 Study of online advertising methods for Universities and develop promotional animation, using adobe flash for the Department of Commerce & Marketing. Dr. Costas Panagiotakis Kanellopoulou Theodora- Ferko Laured Alexander  Link
10/6/2013 The online advertising Networks and the benefits that can be gained from their use in a Small-Medium Enterprise (SME). Create an integrated advertising campaign for an SME through Google Ad words. Mr. Manos Perakakis Korovesi Paraskevi  Link
31/5/2013 A study of integration of mobile technology and IMS for data exploitation and innovating marketing strategies development. Dr. George Mastorakis Tampakaki Anna  Link
16/5/2013 The Potential of Social Media Marketing as a new dynamic way of promoting products and services online. Study opportunities, practices and applications in on-line campaigns in Greece and abroad. Implement selected practices as part of an advertising campaign. Mr. Manos Perakakis Plesti Eleni, Stamou Evaggelia  Link
24/4/2013 Search engine optimization techniques. Mr. Manos Perakakis Koulaxizi Argyri  Link
5/2/2013 The Banner Advertising and measuring effectiveness. Research in the domestic market for the cost of online advertising in Greece. Mr. Manos Perakakis Katsarou Vasiliki  Link
17/1/2013 Optimizing targeting and efficiency for online advertising campaigns advertising network Google AdWords. Mr. Manos Perakakis Pappas Vasileios  Link
18/10/2012 The search tool in social media and its use on advertising and marketing. Dr. Costas Panagiotakis Dimaki Ioanna-Alexandra  Link
11/10/2012 Study of the technique of affiliate marketing, the present and the future of marketing. Dr. Costas Panagiotakis Oikonopoulou Christina- Fabiola Nikola  Link
24/9/2012 Study of innovative marketing strategies and methods of interactive advertising (interactive marketing) in digital terrestrial television (DVB-T). Dr. George Mastorakis Gorou Archontia-Melina  Link
20/9/2012 Promotion of websites using techniques of internet marketing. Dr. George Mastorakis Magdalini Marina-Savalan  Link
17/9/2012 The importance of human computer interaction in designing a web-site or an e-marketing campaign. Mr. Manos Perakakis Karipidi Maria  Link
12/9/2012 The history and future of television advertising. Dr. Costas Panagiotakis Christalla Flokka  Link
25/7/2012 The technology of augmented reality and its use in marketing. Techniques and methods of AR application development. Mr. Ioannis Kapantaidakis Koutrelakos Nikolaos  Link
22/6/2012 Study about using flash games for advertising purposes. Dr. Costas Panagiotakis Karabela Christina  Link
18/5/2012 Website visitor behavior for the design with the use of eye-tracking technology and the use of the results in E-marketing. Mr. Manos Perakakis Kakepaki Eufrosyni  Link
12/3/2012 Potentials of specialized / thematic social network services for the approach of niche markets. Mr. Manos Perakakis Louizidis Antonios  Link
7/3/2012 Business plan development on new technologies: The application capabilities and exploitation of interactive digital television as a medium of advertising. Dr. George Mastorakis Skourletopoulos George-Xanthoudakis Antonios  Link
24/2/2012 The use of micro-social networking applications (Apps, eg Facebook Apps) in marketing. Dr. George Mastorakis Koulakou Eleni- Toursounidou Maria  Link
30/1/2012 Wed sites promotion: Search engine optimization, promotional programs and results evaluation. Dr. George Mastorakis Katsiadakis Manousos -Tsamis Panagiotis  Link
14/1/2012 General rules costing advertisements (banners in flash) in relation to their size and their position on web pages, animation and effects with animation in flash. Dr. Costas Panagiotakis Dimidis Stauros  Link
20/12/2011 Strategic marketing analysis in the internet for three leading cosmetic companies in the world. Dr. Costas Panagiotakis Douroupi Christina  Link
20/12/2011 Promoting higher education institutions using video. Case study of other institutions. Ms. Siganou Marianna Kouga Anatoli  Link
6/10/2011 Las redes sociales como un medio de promocion en el contexto de la industria de la musica. El caso de la musica independiente (indie). Dr. George Mastorakis Kalogeropoulou Anna  Link
30/9/2011 Η εξέλιξη και η συνεισφορά της ηλεκτρονικής διαφήμισης στην ανάπτυξη εταιρειών. Η περίπτωση της Κύπρου. Dr. Costas Panagiotakis Κωνσταντίνου Ευγενία  Link
21/6/2011 Animation with realistic human motion using Adobe Flash. Dr. Costas Panagiotakis Doufa Chrisoula  Link
7/4/2011 Analysis of the advertising for tourism and hotel enterprises – evolution through the years and the use of internet. Dr. Costas Panagiotakis Chatzina Nadia- Chortatou Anastasia  Link
17/3/2011 Alternative reality games (ARG’s). The use of ARG’s as a tool of viral marketing. Mr. Manos Perakakis Papadimitriou Stauroula  Link
4/2/2011 Study about the design of traditional print advertising / promotion and the transition to new forms using new technologies (multichannel publishing, e-book devices, video-in-print advertising, interactive publishing etc). Ms. Siganou Marianna Pantazis Charalampos  Link
9/12/2010 Web services for improving visitors fidelity in Greece and study their appearance depending on the type of the store. Dr. Costas Panagiotakis Bolosi Chrisanthi- Michaki Dimitra  Link
18/11/2009 Electronic services and applications in tourism. Dr. Ioannis Kopanakis Michalatou Maria- Moulio Oliana  Link
10/11/2009 Viral marketing and greek market. Factors, strategies and application modes. Mr. Ioannis Kapantaidakis Mprachimlari Marcelo- Pantazis George  Link
16/10/2009 Multimedia content on the internet: converting / uploading / sharing content, specialized websites and advertising possibilities. Mr. Manos Perakakis Mamarelis Konstantinos  Link
16/10/2009 Design and build of dynamic websites with content management system for online reservations / rentals and sales of products and services. Mr. Ioannis Kapantaidakis Mpalafas Spiros  Link
24/9/2009 Assessment animation for e-marketing and developing animation using adobe flash for Marketing (Commerce and Advertisement) Department. Dr. Costas Panagiotakis Prifti Mpesianna  Link
2/6/2009 Electronic commerce via mobile telephones, study for the safety of transactions. Dr. Costas Panagiotakis Vasilaki Rafailia- Sochoraki Eleutheria  Link
6/5/2009 Comparative study of the main content management systems for websites. Dotnetnuke, drupal (open source) and Dynamicweb (closed source). Mr. Manos Perakakis Floropoulou Eustathia  Link
27/4/2009 The subject and design evolution of web design from the early days of the internet today. Construction of a website according to the latest tendencies of web design. Mr. Manos Perakakis Boukouvala Chrisanthi – Boukouvala Antelina  Link
6/4/2009 Exploring of open source software content management systems-CMS. Dr. Ioannis Kopanakis Maravelakis Chrisovalantis  Link
19/2/2009 Analysis and evaluation of promotional videos based on their content. Dr. Costas Panagiotakis Banti Evaggelia  Link
1/3/2008 The importance of security in the context of commercial transactions via the Internet at the level B2C: The case of MULTIRAMA. Mr. Manos Perakakis Soupiadou Alexandra  Link
Study of adding impressive multimedia material on web pages for promotional purposes. The case of a 3D aquarium banner on fishing web page. Dr. Costas Panagiotakis Vasarmidakis Alexander  Link