“Personal Branding: Build your professional profile” – Dr. Ioannis Kopanakis

Seminar: “Learn & Promote Yourself: seize the opportunity and mapped out your own path” took place with great success by Liaison Office of TEI Crete on Wednesday 3th of June 2015.

In the era of challenges, uncertainty and ambiguity, each one of us is called to redefine his plans and goals, set priorities and formulate alternative paths to his carreer.

The speakers of the conference via presentations gave them answers to hot topics like:

– What new skills are required to a successful career ?

– Are there innovative methods and tools that facilitate those seeking, investigating and planing their professional future?

– Erasmus, Internships Social Media, Innovation, Entrepreneurship. Match all in all? How can I find it out?

Contemporary concerns, reasonable inquiries and questions that accompany the adoption of any future decision discussed at the event.

Director of e-BI Lab, Dr. Ioannis Kopanakis referred to the creation and reinforcement of the professional profile of students and graduates of TEI Crete presenting “Personal Branding: Build your professional profile online.”