Professor, Hellenic Mediterranean University

Director of the Economic Analysis, Entrepreneurship and Tourism Institute (6/5/2020 – today)

Vice President, TEI of Crete (1/5/2014 – 31/8/2017)

Director of e-Business Intelligence Lab (1/9/2006 – 14/3/2019)

Research Interests: Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, Innovation

9/1999 – 6/2003
Ph.D. at the University of Manchester Institute of Technology (UMIST url) at the Department of Computation (url1 url2). Research field: R&D of innovative visualization techniques for data mining outcomes. Thesis: Visual Data Mining Models for Enhancing the Knowledge Extraction from Data Mining Outcomes.
9/1998 – 9/1999
M.Sc. in Information Systems Engineering at the Department of Computation (url1 url2) at UMIST (url). Dissertation: development and application of Data Mining Techniques using Neural Networks in financial data. Title: Solving Data Mining Classification Problemswith Neural Networks.
9/1994 – 6/1998
Degree from the Computer Science Department (url) at the University of Crete (url). The degree thesis was the implementation of a Robust Method Detecting Planar Regions in Digital Images received from a Robot’s Cameras.