Interactive illustration of results of alumni absortion study for TEI of Crete

The study «TEI of Crete’s Alumni Absorption 2010-2013» refers to the graduates of Education Departments of Technological Educational Institute of Crete for the years 2010-2013  and is part of the monitoring of the University’s alumni after their graduation. The study aims to support the graduates to enter the labor market, as well as their lifelong career paths, within a job change or even profession. The study also aims to record valuable information on the TEI of Crete in order to further improve the University in the labor market.

The following interactive table is created by e-Business Intelligence Lab (e-Bi Lab) of TEI of Crete using the Power BI and illustrates some of the statistics collected by the Liaison Office of TEI Crete for the third Absorption Study of University’s Graduates in labor market. The table enables data display per Department of Education and per variable.

Date: 04/07/2016
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