IoT – Real time energy monitoring on industrial smart buildings

The current era is characterized by rapid development through the revolution of smart devices, data-driven decision making and Internet of Things (IoT). IoT is the next major step in the field of technology and it is expected to bring enormous changes in the way businesses and organizations operate, while it is expected to create automated processes in homes, public areas, vehicles, and more. In IoT, devices are not necessarily connected directly to the Internet, but can be connected to local networks in order to communicate and exchange data with each other.

In the context of the Postgraduate Program “Informatics and Multimedia” of Technological Educational Institute of Crete, our lab’s member John Makridis, developed an application for smartphones and tablets that simulates the energy consumption monitoring of domestic and industrial electrical appliances, as well as the cost calculation of a room or the whole building in real-time.

Through the mobile application, the user creates a connection between his smartphone and an smart device that is placed in the electrical panel of the room / building, which acts as a transmitter of a wireless local area network (WLAN). After successfully connecting to the wireless network, the user can choose from an easy-to-use interface the space he wants to monitor and start the process. The device which is connected to the electrical panel reads the signals from the appliances that are connected to it and at the same time it transmits the consumption of each appliance through the wireless LAN in real time. Upon the termination of the energy consumption monitoring process, the user has the ability to store the measured data in a database and view the history of previous measurements in monthly, weekly,  and daily calendar views.


The above implementation is based on the solution “Intelligent Energy Monitoring” by Neurio Technology Inc.